About Forest Hills

Van-Court Association's Commitment to Maintaining Our Neighborhood

The Forest Hills Van-Court Association is committed to enforcing the covenants to guarantee that each home conforms to the restrictions and limitations stipulated in the covenants so that the character of the neighborhood is not altered.

External Changes

All external changes to property within the Association area need to be reviewed and approved by the Association. This is a relatively quick procedure in which the Association works with the homeowner to assure that plans for change are in accordance with the covenants and in harmony with the existing character of our area.

All fencing enclosures must be approved by the Association. When necessary, the Association has gone to court and had improper fencing and non-conforming alternations removed at the owners’ expense.

Single-family zoning

As of 2002, the zoning in the Forest Hills Van-Court area was changed from R3-2 to R2. This means that only single-family housing is permitted in our area. It also put the enforcement power of the city behind our efforts to maintain the area’s single-family character.